AI powered virtual care, 24/7 Zod is a ambient sensor driven virtual care technology. Designed to promote the well-being and independent living for the senior citizens. Peace of mind for the loved ones, that is just a perk. PREORDER LEARN MORE Hi Walter You are meeting with Petra in an hour and half. Weather is quite windy so make sure to add an extra layer when leaving. Oh by the way, we usually play Jeopardy on Monday evenings. Are we on for today?

Slide Intelligent, not Intrusive Independent Living for the elderly can be challenging at times. Caregivers and the family do their best to support, but can't always be around.

Zod is an AI-driven network of smart sensors, controlled by a pro-active voice bot. It learns the behavior patterns from your daily routine and translates into meaningful actions for the family, medical personnel, and above all, yourself.

If something unusual happens, it will first ask for your confirmation and then alert the contacts accordingly. Zod also helps with the standard caregiving tasks such as reminders, book reading, memory games etc.

Slide Anomalies Alerts If there is an unusual delay with sleeping, waking up, or bathrooms uses., Zod will check in, and alert the contacts if required. Voice Reminders Gentle reminders for medicines, appointments, and chores. Caregivers and family can also add these using the companion mobile app. Pro-active Zod’s pro-active AI engine engages the individuals in a meaingful way with memory games, book reading, news briefings and so on. As anyother caregiver will do. Text to Voice and Push to Talk In case of emergency, Zod can automatically answer a call from care giver or family members (optional). Zod can also read text messages or emails for you. Peace of mind, always

Slide Who is it for? It can be used by anyone, but it is especially useful for the senior members of the society who wants to live independently with confidence. While providing a peace of mind to their loved ones. First thing first, how does it work anyway? Zod is an AI powered voice bot that uses a variety of sensors to understand your lifestyle. Although bot can work independently, but it is smarter with the sensor kit. These sensors (usually 3-4 for a small apartment) help Zod to learn about your routine and behavior pattern more effectively. Does it require an internet connection? Yes, it requires an internet connection to send notifications and other processing. The device can be connected to the existing home wifi, or use an independent 4g connection. Does it require an internet connection? Not at all. Google Home, Alexa, Apple Homepod have primarily become an entertainment device. Moreover, those are reactive and someone has to interact to get a response. Zod aims to be a pro-active device which will learn from your behaviors and integrate in your lifestyle. Frequently Asked Questions

Slide Speech is one of the things that makes us human, and for most of us, our voices are the primary method of communication. We can’t always have someone to take care of a loved one. Zod does the next best thing, taking care of them with voice, virtually. Why Zod

Slide Reminders & Agenda Memory Games Prescriptions Text to Speech Companion App Smart Home Control Q&A Q&A SOS Books and News Virtual Fencing More Zod is smart, intutive and engaging. The best part, it is constantly getting better. It is like a companion who is always there, but never in your way. You can configure various modules and engagement level as per your preferences. Zod aims to provide the freedom and confidence to live independetly, while making it fun. Smart, Safe, Secure. SPEAK TO A CONSULTANT TO LEARN MORE

Freedom and confidence to live independetly